The pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan

The pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan is actively developing. The indicators of pharmaceutical production are steadily growing. In addition, the share of domestic manufacturers of both medicines and medical devices is increasing. The pandemic became a special impetus for development, due to which the focus shifted to the development of domestic production and self-sufficiency of the country with medicines.

Facts and figures

Today, more than 88 domestic pharmaceutical companies are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 32 of which are engaged in the production of medicines. Local manufacturers produce about 900 various items of medicines and more than 1000 types of medical products. In the first half of 2022, the pharmaceutical industry has already grown by 4.9%, which in monetary terms amounts to 84 bn tenge (approximately $18.2 mil). According to Vice Minister of Health, Zhandos Burkitbayev, the share of domestic production in the pharmaceutical market will be brought to 50% by 2025.

Factors affecting the industry

The dynamics of the industry was influenced by many factors:

  • the transition to new production standards,
  • long-term contracts for state orders,
  • the occurrence of a common market for medicines of EAEU.

Get more information about the potential of the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, as well as about investment projects for the construction and modernisation of pharmaceutical production facilities.


What are the forecasts and new opportunities for the development of the pharmaceutical sector in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries for the next 10 years?

What investment projects for the construction of new pharmaceutical production facilities and modernisation of existing facilities are planned to be developed in Kazakhstan in 2023–2030?

What successful mechanisms for projects will help the development of production in Kazakhstan and Central Asia?


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    Pharmaceutical production in Kazakhstan
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